What Matters
To Me

You already contribute to the world in ways you might not even think about. Consider the different forms contribution can take and how you want to have an impact right now– supporting individuals, communities, and even broader societal issues or causes!

What Matters
To Me

30 min
Pen + Paper

Contribution doesn’t always have to be big. Everyone contributes something, even in small ways. Supporting a friend or helping out with your family are all ways you can actively make others' lives better.  Think about ways you are already contributing to your family, friends, or community.


Who comes to me for help? How do I support them?

What is one strength that I use to help others?

When was one time I stood up for something I believed in?


Contribution can take on many different forms, all of which are valid and helpful ways to make a difference.  Here are few examples. Ask—

Derrick’s mom had health issues that required her to keep track of many details regarding her care. Derrick created a health diary for his mom where members of his family could easily log important information and keep track of her medical appointments.


Created a health routine for his mom

Jordyn observed the dynamics of gender inequality in sports within her school. She collecting student stories through interviews and surveys, which led to the creation of a student board where students would be able to provide feedback to administrators on gender equity.


Formed a gender equality student group in sports

Overwhelmed by the proposal to reverse the Dream Act, Dasia created a change.org petition to support the Dreamers, which got over 35,000 signatures and raised over $2,000 to donate to a local organization that supports Dreamers.


Started a change.org petition for Dreamers

As a talented cellist,  Henri knew how music could uplift spirits and impact emotional health. Henri organized groups of musicians to play in local children’s centers and hospitals in his area.


Played cello in hospitals & children’s centers

Kimara knew first hand what it felt like to be buillied in middle school. Partnering with a local organization, she created an anti-bullying video to share with current middle schoolers, who appreciated listening to her perspective on bullying as a high school student.


Created an anti-bullying video for other students

Marlon and Liliana studied the psychology of positivty. Realizing how stressed out their fellow students were, they spearheaded a school-wide initiative promoting random acts of kindness.

marlon & liliana

Performed random acts of kindness at school


Now, take some time to think about what matters to you and where you might want to have an impact— write down 2-3 of each of the following:


places I might have an impact

A person in your life, like a friend, family member, or community member. Think back on some of the conversations of people you are close with. Have they recently mentioned to you something they have been struggling with? Who might you be able to support?

What behaviors have you done in the past that have helped you move through challenging times?

A broader societal movement, cause, or issue. If you had the power to change anything in the world, what would you change? Think about current events, issues in your community, or what keeps you up at night.. What causes feel the closest to home?


Sometimes getting perspective from someone who knows you well can shed light on ways you can uniquely bring value to others. Talk with a friend, family member, or mentor. Share with them your list of areas you want to have an impact. Ask them to share with you some ways you can help out one of these individuals, communities, or causes. 

Take a look at our habits below!

Make a habit of helping

People may not always ask for help when they need it and you may not always know the best way to help them. If someone comes to you with a problem or to vent a frustration, let them know you care and ask them how you can best support them right now.

Practice small acts of kindness

One way we can make a difference is through small and steady acts of kindness and contribution. Start each day this week by coming up with a small way you will help someone out. Commit to your plan by recording your ideas. You might think of more than one per day— there’s always room to help more!

Spot impact in your world

Where in your communities do you see folks making an impact? How are the people in your life helping others? Identify a few examples of ways the people around you contribute to the world. Reflect on what you can learn from them and what their actions inspire you to try.