Designed for delight, backed by research. We track our growth every step of the way. Here's a snapshot of our impact to date—


Purpose Project has now launched in over 50 locations across the country and beyond, partnering with programs like Michelle Obama’s Reach Higher program and national charter schools like KIPP.


Purpose Project has been used with over 5,000 youth and young adults in school, at home, with families, mentors, vocational training, college readiness programs, whole child iniatives, government programs, and everything in between.


The Purpose Project platform provides a unique window into what’s on the minds of young people today and the topics that matter to them most. We have almost 500 unique interests captured so far, from “Mindfulness” to “Memes” and everything in between.

Young people all around the country are creating impact in their communities, developing their voice, and telling their stories. Here are just a few of the inspiring students who have used Purpose Project to make a difference.


After using the Purpose Project, students reporting that they “know where to turn for support” increased by 32% overall.

Self Direction

After using the Purpose Project, students reporting that they “felt a clear path after high school” increased by 37% overall.


After using the Purpose Project, students reporting that they “had a positive impact in some way” increased by 20% overall.

Interviews & Co-design

The Purpose Project programming is  designed hand-in-hand with students every step of the way. We facilitate codesign sessions, run student interviews, and keep the student voice central to the design of our content, experience, and mission.

Pre & Post Study

We currently use validated academic measures, to track purpose learning over time through student-facing surveys. Additionally, we are exploring new ways to track various learning outcomes, from self direction to authentic engagement.

Work Product Analysis

Alongside experts, we developed a rubric to measure how these skills show up in the work product, physically and digitally. By leveraging our digital platform data, we can measure individual student progress that can’t be captured through a survey.