Tatiana, 17
Through the Purpose Project, Tatiana created an awareness effort for feminine beauty standards and women’s rights. Inspired by strong women in her life, she researched diverse women from around the world and across history and shared their stories with her classmates, friends, and even students in Brazil. For Tatiana, the Purpose Project allowed her to reflect on her own experiences as a woman and empowered her to become a role model for others.
Derek, 16
The Purpose Project inspired Derek to create a heath plan for his mom who experienced high blood pressure. He even took it upon himself to share it with his siblings to they could take a more active role in supporting her as well. The health diary helped her family keep track of her progress for doctor’s appointments and make sure she stayed healthy.
Paige, 15
Paige did a project teaching others about what emotional abuse is and how it affects kids today, educating people on topics like “Gaslighting” and “Toxic Narcissism.” She pointed out that emotional abuse is not always as obvious as physical abuse, but it can be just as damaging. She wanted to spread awareness about what to look for and how to support victims. To her, Purpose Project is “an exploration of who I am and want I want to do. It’s a chance to build yourself and who you want to be in the future.”
Matthew, 16
The Purpose Project gave Matthew space to explore creative endeavors outside of the classroom. “It gave me a chance to explore my creative freedoms and try new things because you never know what you could be good at,” he shared. In keeping with this sentiment, he chose to grow his skills in cooking. Once he became confident, he started cooking meals for his family before school to take the burden off his parents and express his creativity through culinary arts.
Dasia, 17
Overwhelmed by the proposal to reverse the Dream Act, Dasia's Purpose Project was creating a change.org petition to support the Dreamers, which got over 35,000 signatures and raised over $2,000 to donate to a local organization that supports Dreamers. “It’s something that I feel strongly about. I like to voice my opinion when it comes not only to race, but sexuality and religion. I feel like everyone has a right to the same needs and wants, so I just wanted to bring this to light.”
Jordan, 16
Jordan used Purpose Project to lead a movement for gender equality in sports, creating a school-wide petition and collecting student stories through interviews and surveys. Her efforts led to the creation of a student board where students would be able to provide feedback to administrators on situations that arise regarding gender inequality and to ensure that each student’s voice is heard. “I feel like I’m changing the school for the better and giving people a voice when they were too scared. I'm making a difference on campus.”
Theo, 15
In his free time between physical therapy sessions after a long hospital stay, Theo realized he had an interest in fashion. Through the Purpose Project, Theo was able to explore this interest and he taught himself how to sew. Theo wanted to have more power over how he expressed himself through his clothing choices and began designing his own clothes as well. He also used his new sewing skills to create art using found materials from his closet.
Kimara, 16
“I’ve been bullied in middle school, so I wanted to create something that kids could relate to.” Kimara created an anti-bullying video for a local organization which was shared with current middle school students. The younger students appreciated hearing her perspective as a high school student on the topic. “I learned that I could potentially help people that have been dealing with the same thing I dealt with.”
Elliott, 17
Elliot wanted to use his voice to impact others, but struggled to speak in front of people. Overcoming a fear of public speaking, he discovered he felt like his most authentic self when he could stand up for causes he cares about and empower others. With his newfound voice, Elliot helped lead a school-run Diversity Counsel, working to create more equitable practices and policies within his school.
Katherine, 15
Katherine was shopping for basketball shoes with her dad when she noticed how many men’s basketball shoes there were compared to the women’s selection. She used the Purpose Project as a reason to design a new shoe for women as a way to talk about gender equity in sports. “I would say that the Purpose Project helps you discover something inside of you that you’ve never found.”
Zharia, 16
Zharia's project used projection photography as a way to explore the concept of self image. She experimented with creating art pieces that overlayed images onto faces. Zharia was inspired with the expectations and realities of self image and the Purpose Project gave her the opportunity to teach herself projection photography through online tutorials. “The Purpose Project is really good for helping you explore or reach for what you want to pursue, for the future or maybe even career-wise.”
Henri, 15
Henri’s project focused on the relationship between music and emotional health. He is an avid cello player and believes that “music can help people get through whatever they are going through”. The Purpose Project gave him the inspiration to bring his music to others, forming a group of musicians who play in children’s centers and hospitals around the Bronx and Jersey. “I wanted to find a way to use music to help other people so I made a group that’s focused on giving back— playing not for ourselves but for others.”

Designed for delight, backed by research. We track our growth every step of the way. Here's a snapshot of our impact to date—


Purpose Project has now launched in over 50 locations across the country and beyond, partnering with programs like Michelle Obama’s Reach Higher program and national charter schools like KIPP.


Purpose Project has been used with over 5,000 youth and young adults in school, at home, with families, mentors, vocational training, college readiness programs, whole child iniatives, government programs, and everything in between.


The Purpose Project platform provides a unique window into what’s on the minds of young people today and the topics that matter to them most. We have almost 500 unique interests captured so far, from “Mindfulness” to “Memes” and everything in between.

Young people all around the country are creating impact in their communities, developing their voice, and telling their stories. Here are just a few of the inspiring students who have used Purpose Project to make a difference.


After using the Purpose Project, students reporting that they “know where to turn for support” increased by 32% overall.

Self Direction

After using the Purpose Project, students reporting that they “felt a clear path after high school” increased by 37% overall.


After using the Purpose Project, students reporting that they “had a positive impact in some way” increased by 20% overall.

Interviews & Co-design

The Purpose Project programming is  designed hand-in-hand with students every step of the way. We facilitate codesign sessions, run student interviews, and keep the student voice central to the design of our content, experience, and mission.

Pre & Post Study

We currently use validated academic measures, to track purpose learning over time through student-facing surveys. Additionally, we are exploring new ways to track various learning outcomes, from self direction to authentic engagement.

Work Product Analysis

Alongside experts, we developed a rubric to measure how these skills show up in the work product, physically and digitally. By leveraging our digital platform data, we can measure individual student progress that can’t be captured through a survey.