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Talk to the people who inspire you: As you look out into the world for inspiration, turn to the people you admire. Seeing strengths in people around you can encourage you to build those strengths in your own life.

Journey Mapping

The people you admire can be great sources of inspiration. Take a deep dive into someone else’s journey to learn more about what they are working on in their own lives and what strengths they have grown.

Journey Mapping

40 min
Pen + Paper

To continue to build strengths in your own life, you can start by connecting with people who you admire, ideally with experience in what you are interested in. Maybe they are already an expert or maybe they are learning along with you.


Ask someone you admire if they can schedule some time to chat. Let them know you are exploring a similar area or interest and want to hear more about their experiences. It could feel a bit awkward at first, but you might just make their day by sharing with them that they inspire you.


Interview the person you chose using these questions as a guide to learn more. Add any other questions you are curious about and follow up on directions you're excited about — sometimes going off script is when you can learn the most.


possible interview questions:

Who do you go to when you need help? What do you go to them for?

Lessons Learned
Tell me about a time where you learned something about yourself— what did this change?

GrowthWhat’s one strength you are working on (i.e., courage, leadership, curiosity, humor, etc.)? Why is this important?

ConfidenceWhat makes you feel proud? Why does this matter to you?

AspirationWhat is one goal you have right now? What is one hope and one fear you have about this goal?


After your interview, reflect on what inspires you the most about the person you interviewed. Capture three strengths that you see in this person and want to continue to grow in your own life.

🌻 Appreciation of Beauty
🔭 Curiosity
⏳ Self-Regulation
⚖️ Fairness
😌 Forgiveness
🙌🏽 Gratitude
☀️ Honesty
🕊 Hope
🦋 Humility
🤡 Humor
🌪 Judgement
🤝 Teamwork
⚡️ Zest
🎁 Kindness
📢 Leadership
📚 Love of Learning
🛤 Prudence
🦁 Bravery
⛳️ Perseverance
👓 Perspective
🤓 Social Intelligence
✨ Spirituality
Take a look at our habits below!

Find common ground

By looking for ways we are similar to people instead of ways we are different, we strengthen our bonds. Try naming three similarities between yourself and someone who seems quite different from you or someone you have just met. In what ways does this change how you see them or how you see yourself?

Cultivate mentorship

Having trusted people in your life who you look up to can help guide you through ups and downs. Think of the people you admire in your life and pick one person who you can set up regular time to chat with— it might be a friend, teacher, family member, leader of a group you’re part of, or other community member.

Share your journey

Talking about our own experiences can help someone going through something similar, but it can also help us feel more connected. Imagine you are advising someone who is a few years younger than you — write a short letter of encouragement for them. What advice would you give them?