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Capture your strengths: The next step is to reflect on what you’re good at and where you want to keep growing. Remind yourself of your strengths to build your confidence when you are trying something new.

Sharing Strengths

Strengths are foundational to who we are and how we grow. What unique strengths shape you? Explore the ways you can use your strengths in the world and how you can continue to develop new ones.

Sharing Strengths

Self Reflection
25 min
Pen + Paper

You are an expert on yourself and your strengths!  Look through the different character strengths below, and select the strengths that come most easily to you. If you need help, take this quiz or go through this list with someone you trust and ask what they think your strengths are.

🌻 Appreciation of Beauty
🔭 Curiosity
⏳ Self-Regulation
⚖️ Fairness
😌 Forgiveness
🙌🏽 Gratitude
☀️ Honesty
🕊 Hope
🦋 Humility
🤡 Humor
🌪 Judgement
🤝 Teamwork
⚡️ Zest
🎁 Kindness
📢 Leadership
📚 Love of Learning
🛤 Prudence
🦁 Bravery
⛳️ Perseverance
👓 Perspective
🤓 Social Intelligence
✨ Spirituality

Naming your top strengths can build your confidence. Just as important,  naming strengths to grow can show you what you value. Grab a pen and paper and draw a line down the center, labeling one side “My Top Strengths” and the other side “Strengths to Grow.”


Top Strengths
What three strengths come the most naturally to you? Ask yourself (or ask the people in your life) the following questions and capture your responses on the “My Top Strengths” side of your paper:


Strengths to Grow
Which three strengths would you most like to grow in the coming year? Similar to what you did with the strengths above, reflect on the following questions and capture your responses on the “Strengths to Grow” side of your paper:


my top strengths

1. Creativity

I try to make something every week, like my drawings and the photos I take for my friends. I could use my creativity to take everyone’s senior photos that capture their personality!

2. Leadership

I am on student council and lead assemblies. I also coach middle school athletes. I want to become more of a leader on the student council by sharing more of my ideas with the group and maybe leading an event.

3. Curiosity

I usually ask questions in all my classes, and I spend a lot of my time wondering how things work. One time I repaired my bike just by playing around with how it works! I want to work on more machines, maybe cars.

strengths to grow

1. Forgiveness

I really struggle with this ... When someone hurts me or my friends, it’s hard for me to let it go. Right now, I want to let go of a grudge I’ve been holding that’s affecting my friendship.

2. Hope

Everything seems so unpredictable right now in the world, I sometimes find it hard to stay hopeful about the future. I will focus on some hopeful stories this week and keep track of things that make me happy.

3. Humor

People say I can be a little serious sometimes. I want to get better at just being silly and having fun. When I spend time with my brother, I have an easier time goofing off. I’ll spend more time with him this week!


my top strengths

my strengths to grow


Remember that your strengths can always grow and change. Keep track of your new strengths as you work on them by adding them to your strengths list. Is there a strength that you are inspired to grow right now? How can you focus on this strength today?

ask yourself:

what STRENGTH will you focus ON this week?

Take a look at our habits below!

Affirm your strengths

Reminding ourselves of our strengths can help us grow them even more. Take out some post-it notes or small pieces of paper and write “I am ________” on each one, such as “I am curious” or “I am a leader.” Post these in places you will see them everyday as a reminder to yourself.

See yourself with new eyes

Sometimes the people around us see strengths we don’t realize we have. Pick someone you feel close to and show them the strength list. Ask them what they think your top three strengths are and why. You might see yourself in a new way and get inspired to lean into a new strength!

Look for strengths 
in others

There are people in your life who have strengths you admire and can learn from. Think of someone you know who embodies a strength you want to grow. How does this strength show up in their lives? What does this inspire you to try in your life? What could you learn from them?