Stories of

There are stories all around us that we can get inspired by– from our family and friends, to people all over the world, to our own lives. Look for the moments of hope and start to collect the stories that inspire you and others.

Stories of Hope

15 min

We all experience ups and downs. When we are at a low point, it can be helpful to reference things that bring us hope. A good place to start is by saving stories that can inspire and uplift you when you need it most. Even if you don’t need it now, think about where you might save stories for the future:


Collect stories that spark hope
Keep a journal or notes in your phone with links                     

Collaborate to build hope
Find a “hope buddy” who you meet with and share stories        

Create tools to spread hope
Build a digital collection on Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, Tik Tok or YouTube


Start collecting! Look at inspiration from the world. Here are some places to get started.


The people in your own life can be a great source of inspiration. How have your friends, family, classmates, teachers, neighbors or others inspired you? Add some of these stories to your collection as well.


One person who brings me hope


Lastly, how does hope show up in your life? Even if you are feeling like you might be at a low point, are you able to think of something that you are grateful for? Or past moments that have brought you joy or made you proud?


A moment I felt grateful, joyful, or proud


Hope can look different for everyone. Reflect on what kinds of stories you collected— why do they matter to you? Finish the sentence:


To me, hope means..

Take a look at our habits below!

Look for the

Hope can come from anywhere and sometimes the people who inspire us are not necessarily the ones in the spotlight. See if you notice anyone in your day to day routine who brings you hope by helping others— how can you let them know they inspire you?

Spread hope

It can be challenging to feel hopeful everyday and we can all use a little inspiration. How can you spread hope to your communities? Share one story that inspires you today— post it on social media, send it to a group chat, or tell a friend or family member.

Practice mindful media awareness

We all consume media in different ways throughout our daily routine. Consider how the content you expose yourself to affects your mood— what energizes you? What drains you? Could you find ways to take a break from draining content?