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Capture your reflections: Start your purpose journey by looking inward to think about the times you’ve experienced success. Recognizing these moments can build hope, which will help you adapt to new or uncertain situations.

The Value You Bring

Feeling hopeful starts with believing in yourself. Recognizing the moments, qualities, and people that build your confidence can help you realize the unique value you bring.

The Value You Bring

30 min

You can build up hope for the future by reflecting on moments that you felt proud or confident in yourself. Find a quiet space where you can reflect and capture your thoughts on the following questions.


Moments to Remember
When was a time where you felt proud of yourself? Name three moments, big or small, and write about the effects the experiences had on you. Did your thoughts about yourself change?  How did you feel in those moments?

People rooting for me
Who is supporting you in your life? How do they show that? And how does it make you feel about yourself?

the difference I make
What’s one strength you are currently growing (e.g., courage, perseverance, leadership, curiosity, humor)? Why is this important to you?


We can often be very critical of ourselves and forget to build ourselves up. Who in your life makes you feel good about yourself and boosts your confidence? Reach out to them and find some time to talk. After your talk, reflect on what they value about you and how this makes you feel.


one way OTHERS SEE value IN ME


How can you make looking for hope a daily practice? Choose a way to capture hopeful moments as they happen over the next week (write them in a journal, keep a note on your phone, or take a photo). Keep track of moments where you feel proud, people believe in you, or you had a positive impact on others. This can be helpful when you want to build self confidence — which is foundational to purpose.

Take a look at our habits below!

Celebrate moments of pride

Just like building a support system for yourself, it’s also important to be your own cheerleader. How can you celebrate something you’re proud of today? You might share it with a friend, do something you enjoy, or commemorate the moment in some other way.

Build others up

Everyone brings unique value to the world. When we recognize and celebrate what we value in others, we create a social norm around believing in each other. For every person you interact with this week, find one way to build them up and recognize their value.

Find your fans

Even when you feel low, there are people in your life who admire you and believe in you. This week connect with someone who cheers you on and builds you up. Continue to prioritize these kinds of relationships in your life and surround yourself with supporters.