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Explore the world around you: Reflection doesn’t just come from within you; you can also be inspired by the world around you. Look outward to expand your mind and see ordinary things in new ways.

Curiosity Walkabout

Curiosity can be the start of something more purposeful in our lives. Practice a beginner’s mindset by observing the world with new eyes. What catches your interest? With time, anything around you can become fascinating.

Curiosity Walkabout

15 min
Pen + Paper
Optional: Journal

You can get curious everywhere and anywhere. Even a place that you see all the time! Choose a location to go on a short walk — it can be inside or outside, familiar or unfamiliar.


As you walk, you might choose to focus on something you are currently exploring. For example, if you are exploring photography, think about colors, light, textures, etc. If you are exploring human behavior, look at how people interact, body language, etc.


For each of the things you notice, try to see it with a fresh lens — pretend that you do not know what this thing is called or what it is for. You might notice movement, words, form, shape, texture, or color. Write down any observations you have without trying to make sense of them.


As you explore, write down at least five questions this inspires. Add these as possible reflections to identify things in the world around you that spark your interest or might be places you want to explore more.


focused on ARCHITECTURE:

• Who built this and what inspired them?
• How do bridges work?
• When was this style of architecture popular?
• Why did the builders use these materials?
• What if I designed my own dream place to spend time?


my walkabout focus

five questions i’m inspired to ask


To keep exploring this area, choose a way to record questions as they come up: maybe a journal, a note or voice memo on your phone, or you can keep adding reflections. Generating questions with a beginner’s mindset is one way to explore an interest or topic that you find exciting.

Take a look at our habits below!

Create mindful moments

During our days, it can be easy to fall into patterns and routines. Try taking a step back and sitting with your thoughts without interpreting them. You might close your eyes for a few minutes. If a thought arises, just notice it. Let it go and move on without judging or thinking too deeply.

Turn boring to interesting

Is there a topic that you find boring or difficult to focus on? By connecting topics to what already interests us, we can pique our curiosity in new ways. Take a topic you find boring and a topic you enjoy. Ask yourself: how do these topics relate or intersect? What can I learn about this new topic that has to do with the topic I enjoy?

Make the familiar strange

Consider something you are very familiar with— maybe a flag from the country you live in or your favorite meal. Try to describe this to someone who has never seen it before. How can you explain what you see, without any interpretations? You might even notice something new!